Dr. James W. Dennis


Identification of desialyated glycopeptides by MS, using an Agilent 6550 Q-TOF with LC/MS with 1260 LC-Chip Cube interface:




Example: SLC3A2 (CD98hc, LAT2) co-receptors for nutrient transporters, MS spectra of the tryptic glycopeptides [SLVTQYLN424ATGNR]

1) Proteins separated on SDS-PAGE, cut out of gel, reduced, alkylated, and digested with trypsin. Other purification steps (eg. IP, tags, capture resin may be required)


2) MS analysis with Hex- and/or HexNAc-containing peptides targeted


3) Profiling the N-glycans at the N424 site by MS/MS: Golgi processing up to 4 branches, core fucose, polylactosamine up to 6 repeating units