Dr. James W. Dennis

Supplementary Tables S1-S7 for:

SLC3A2 N-glycosylation and alternate evolutionary trajectories for amino acid metabolism. 

C. Zhang, M. Shafaq-Zadah, J. Pawling, D.WJ. Ng, G.G. Hesketh, E. Dransart, K. Pacholczyk, J. Longo, A-C. Gingras, L.Z. Penn, L. Johannes, and J.W. Dennis (in preparation, Nov 2022)


Table S1         Metabolite levels in HeLa WT and SLC3A2 KO cells

Table S2         Glycopeptidase F released N-glycans from HeLa WT and SLC3A2 KO cells

Table S3         Site-specific N-glycan profiles for FLAG-SLC3A2 WTseq and variants.

Table S4         Site-specific N-glycan profiles for endogenous SLC3A2 in HeLa cells

Table S5         Site-specific N-glycan profiles for GlcNAc-supplemented cells

Table S6         Proteomics with FLAG-SLC3A2 WTseq, site variants mutants and fluvastatin

Table S7         Genes absent in Neoaves